Drexel AJFlex Face Shields

AJFlex Face Shields Delivered

We are working hard to design-build durable and reusable face shields for frontline healthcare personnel! We have built thousands to-date!

Please join our effort to provide PPE for the brave healthcare workers serving patients with COVID-19. We need your help, and there are many ways to contribute: 3D Printing of supportive headbands of the face shield, Volunteering, and Donating.

For those looking for face shields for your institution or practice, please click on the link below and we will respond as quickly as we can! Thank you!


You can help by printing headbands! Once printed, the headbands will be assembled into complete face shields at the Innovation Studio at Drexel University and then shipped to healthcare providers.

Request AJFlex Face Shields

If your institution or practice needs face shields, please sign up here. There is no charge for face shields, but donations to help with cost of supplies would be appreciated (see below).


Support for this effort would not be possible without generous support for supplies and shipping. We thank our donors and look to grow this group as we increase our support for the healthcare community in this time of crisis


For those who are not makers or makers who would like to do more, please volunteer!